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My Goal: Music that You Will Find Beautiful and Moving

You already know that it's hard to find any classical music written in the last 50 years that anyone would want to listen to without having an advanced degree in musicology and plenty of preparation. Today's classical music all seems to come in either squeaky, clanging, scratchy or mind-numbingly boring! Why can't the composers of today write music with the same beauty, elegance and richness of emotional experience of composers over 100 years ago?

I set myself to do just that back in 1992, with my first composition in over 20 years, and now, 10 compositions later, I hope I have learned the craft well enough to delight and move you as much as I am delighted and moved in producing this music. Learn more about me on the About page.

My works have been performed by the Houston Civic Symphony, the Civic Symphony String Quartet, the Picardy Players, piano faculty at Houston Community College, and yours truly. I would love for you to perform one of my compositions in your community.

On this Web site, you can sample excerpts from all my compositions (as performed by my computer using Finale® software), download a sample page from the score, and give me your comments. You can also contact me to buy my music and arrange for performance rights.

If you have any problems with this Web page, please let me know. Thanks for visiting bruceleonmusic.com!